Using a field-driven model, Spartan is able to properly plan and communicate the installation process, reduce on-site risks, and improve the project schedule.

Field leaders are equipped and encouraged to develop project improvements that are then brought upstream to project managers, suppliers, and customers. This empowerment stems from SR7, Spartan’s values-driven employee engagement program.

Through SR7, leaders learn that Spartan’s 7 core values are only effective when they are openly practiced by everyone on the job. Continuous improvement in the installation process is directly linked to Spartan’s commitment to a better way of doing business.

Spartan field leaders have extensive work experience on large-scale projects. Their commitment to a field-driven installation process results in a better project delivery experience for the customer.

  • Field-driven installation.
  • Values-driven performance.
  • Reduction of on-site risks.
  • Improved project schedule.
  • Solution-driven empowerment.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.