• Creating the shop drawings and material orders.
  • Directing the rebar configuration during the manufacturing process.
  • Directing accurate truck loading by the manufacturer.
  • Directing safe and efficient on-site unloading and installation at the project site.


Customers benefit from cost savings and efficiency when they take advantage of Spartan’s ability to detail and order the fabrication of all materials. Spartan’s in-house detailing team are experts in all manufacturing production systems and software.

The flexibility to direct the manufacturing process allows Spartan to focus on how rebar is configured within each structural element, how a truck is best loaded by the manufacturer, and how on-site unloading and installation will achieve safety and efficiency.

Spartan’s detailing team and project managers closely coordinate how materials will be handled during delivery and installation. Such precise in-house coordination allows the detailing team to create spot-on shop drawings and material orders.