Spartan Reinforcing, LLC is a Certified Rebar Contractor [DBE, MBE, SBE, HUB] that provides turnkey solutions for heavy civil and commercial concrete reinforcement projects.


Nothing in Spartan is measured without consideration of its impact on the human element. By adherence to its 7 core values—known as SR7—Spartan is fully dedicated to improving the lives of its people, the quality of its work projects, and the state of the concrete reinforcement industry. With Spartan, the way it achieves its goals is as important as the accomplishment itself.

Our History

1. History Accordion

Spartan Reinforcing was organized in January 2017 and has grown quickly to participate in commercial and heavy civil construction projects throughout the United States. Adrian Cano started the company with a team of experts in the field of construction, project management, and labor supervision. Spartan established its first corporate office in Houston, TX followed by rapid expansion to Dallas, TX and Denver, CO. Spartan has obtained MBE, SBE, DBE, and HUB certifications.

Our Mission

2. Mission Accordion

To glorify God and enrich lives as we provide the inner strength that projects need.

Our Values

3. Values Accordion

Every aspect of Spartan’s operation is rooted in 7 biblical core values that are closely held by its owner and managers. The employee behaviors that flow from these values are a measured part of Spartan’s performance management criteria.

Servanthood Exhibiting a servant’s respect for authority.

Strength Unfailing dedication to getting the job done.

Courage Boldly improving people and processes.

Care Acting upon the belief that people are job #1.

Team Working sacrificially, as if the last will be first and the first will be last.

Integrity Building a personal framework of trustworthiness.

Gratitude Joyfully working as one who is redeemed.

Our Commitment to Safety

4. Safety Accordion

At no time will Spartan compromise the health and safety of its employees or those who can either directly or indirectly be affected by its business activities. Additionally, Spartan works to minimize any adverse effects to the environment.

  • Spartan promotes a climate and a focus in the organization that demands positive and proactive HSE responses from its employees or those engaged on our activities.
  • Spartan utilizes meaningful leading and lagging performance indicators to improve performance.
  • Spartan maintains an effective HSE management system.
Joe Olivas, Operations Manager; Adam Henderson, General Manager; Lala Cano, Payroll & HR Manager; Adrian Cano, Owner & President; Alejandra Mitchell,Accounting Manager; Craig Wallace, Executive Director